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You're Invited!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Welcome bloggers, blog enthusiasts, and those who randomly stumbled upon this page!

Whether you are a church member in the community, were told about this blog, or are still figuring out how you got here, we want to invite you to be apart of our community!

So what's the point of this blog? It is not to talk about El Shaddai's church events and ministiries or even to keep you up to date on the pastor's thoughts. If you want to hear about that, head on over to El Shaddai's church blog accessed from

We will actually be spending a lot of time talking about a historic church.

Weird, huh?

Well it might not be what you were expecting, but we want to introduce you to historic Concord Church, the oldest standing baptist church building left in Nashville, TN. Built in 1844, this is a church that has more than a century of history in the South Nashville, Brentwood, Nolensville community. Whether it be from acting as a hospital during the Civil War or as a place where 3 generations in a family declare Jesus as Lord, this building is overflowing with stories that we want to share with our community.

So what's the connection to El Shaddai?

In 2005, El Shaddai Christian Church purchased from Concord Baptist Church, the church building that was also known as Grandview-Concord Baptist Church at the time. El Shaddai spent 5 years in the 1844 building before the Nashville flood of 2010 changed the plans of the church. The flood forced El Shaddai out of it's building but El Shaddai continues to do ministry from the inside of this church building every week distributing groceries to the most needy in the surrounding communities. Week by week the members of El Shaddai meet there for their community outreach and evangelism programs. El Shaddai feels strong ties to the property for the rich spiritual heritage and the history that encompasses it. We feel as others in the community need to know just how valuable this church building is to not only us, but to many others in the surrounding community that for generations have been personally involved in its legacy and to many newcomers that call this community home.

The goal of this blog is to draw people into the rich history of not only Concord Baptist Church, but of its surrounding communities in Nolensville, Brentwood and Nashville. Our desire is to bring history to life for the people by allowing the community to become involved. We want you to share your story with us! Do you have a connection to this historic church building? To Concord Baptist Church? Do you know someone who does? Our hope is to gather as much history as we can and share it with the younger generations. Feel free to submit a post of your own, telling your story. El Shaddai invites you to help show the value of the church history in which how it has shaped our community today.

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