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Who is this Historic Concord Church?

Well now that you know what this blog is about, let us give you a little background information to get you up to date with this building.

Starting in the 1800's...

On August 11, 1804, twenty charter members began meeting in a log structure located just south of Mill Creek. In 1843, doctrinal disputes arose between the members. The dispute concerned the support or non-support of missions at home and abroad. The group who favored supporting missions withdrew from the main body of the church and formed Concord Baptist Church. The main body that opposed supporting missions remained in the log structure but since then have been disbanded and none of their history remains. Concord Baptist Church began constructing their church building along Mill Creek in 1844. In December of 1845, Pastor James Whitsett preached the first sermon in the new building. The body of Christ has continued here to worship until the Nashville flood of 2010.

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