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Historical Timeline

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Are you a history buff?

Well I've got many of the important dates in the Historic Concord Church history for you!

1804-church constituted

1845-First service held in Concord Baptist Church

1873-First Sunday School organized. All classes were held in the same room.

1946-First educational building unit added

1946-First full-time pastor-Rev. C. J. Krause

1947-A tent belonging to Concord Baptist Association was used for a outreach ministry on Clover Croft Road in Nolensville

1951-The mission of the outreach ministry was organized into a church known as Nolensville Baptist Church

1956-Moved from Concord Baptist Association to Nashville Baptist Association

1968-Church auditorium remodeled and baptistery put in

1969-New modern front finished

1973-Stained glass windows installed

1985-4.48 acres purchased at the corner of Nolensville Road and Concord Road to serve as another place of worship as well as a gymnasium for recreation

1997-Merge of Grandview Baptist and Concord Baptist

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