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Historic Concord Church Roots: A missions plant of Mill Creek Baptist Church

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Before we can fully understand the beginning of the Historic Concord Church, we must look at where it came from.

Concord Baptist Church was born out of Mill Creek Baptist Church, one of the first baptist churches in Nashville. Here is a brief history lesson of how Mill Creek started.

Shortly after 1751, an Irish man, William Whitsett II and his family traveled to America. They moved to Amhurst County, Virginia. The son of William Whitsett II, William Whitsett III married Ellen Menees and had a son, James Whitsett. The family moved to Nashville, TN in 1790.

Mill Creek Baptist Church was formed and James Whitsett became the first minister in 1797. Mill Creek Baptist then began to plant other churches in the surrounding areas.

Grandview Baptist was the last church to grow out Mill Creek Baptist in 1908 while Concord Baptist was the first church in 1804. James Whitsett preached the first sermon at Concord Baptist Church in 1845.

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