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The Mission Stays the Same.

In our research of this Historic Concord Church, we have read documents and notes left by previous pastors. It has been interesting to see that throughout the decades, the church meeting in this building has always had the same mission.

Here is an excerpt from the notes of Pastor R.A. Peltier of Concord Baptist in 1980.

In referring the war in Vietnam in 1965, Pastor Peltier states,

"We are not faced with daily bombing, killling, disease, death and malnutrition like the people then. However, we are faced with the same need to tell of Jesus Christ and His salvation for the lost of the world. It does not matter where we are or what is happening at the time. The need for salvation is for everyone, everyday. If the church were just for Christians then our work will be accomplished when we finally church the last unchurched. This is not the case. Several families move into this area each month and make this their home. Should we not be fully prepared to have them make this church their church home? Should we not be planning for expansion, increasing our activities, adding additional programs to meet their needs? God has presented us with a unique opportunity to reach out and compel them to come in."

From 1980 in Concord Baptist Church to 2015 in El Shaddai Christian Church, the mission has always been the same. We as Christians are called to spread the gospel in our own community as well to ALL nations. It is beautiful to see how what was valued in an 1844 church building remains true to this day. New Church. Same Mission.

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