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4 Generations blessed by this church

We had the pleasure of sitting down with previous members of Concord Baptist Church, Martha Waller, Margie Sewell, and Larry and Frances Jones, to hear about some of their memories in this historic building.

In the video below you can watch members of the Waller and Jones families reminisce of folks stories and the history of the church building.

Here are a few things that stuck out to us!

-The Concord Missionary Church initially started in 1804 in a log structure across the creek behind the church. The building was finalized in 1845.

-The Lord had a hand in the acquisition of this Land. The bricks where made by hand with the help of all church members, black and white.

-Margie Sewell's great grandmother Sally Elizabeth Rash Waller was born in 1851. She came to this church as a child and grew up here.

-Martha Waller, 96 years old, says “It was a church. It wasn't a building. It was a church where God was always with us". To this day Mrs. Waller still drives to the corner of Nolensville and Concord road to teach Sunday School.

-Larry Jones met his wife Frances in 1960. He fondly recalls many memories of this building; one of the most memorable is when he was saved in this sanctuary in 1966.

-Larry Jones recalls they never missed a service. Even if it meant cleaning 3-4 inches of mud out of the sanctuary after a heavy rain.

-Larry Jones adds that he loves this building and the beautiful memories of raising his four boys here. All of them where saved in this building and he is very proud of that.

-Margie Sewell talks of how the building should be preserved for the historical nature that it is. There are very few old buildings standing in this area and this historic Concord Church building is one of the only ones left.

-Margie Sewell also explains that the new people in the community need to know our rich spiritual heritage and this building stands solid as a reminder of how blessed our community has been for generations after generations.

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