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William A. Whitsett

Rev. William A. Whitsett (Whitsitt) was born in Williamson County, Tennessee on July 25, 1816. Rev. Whitsett served as a Clerk and Deacon in Mill Creek Church until 1840 when he moved to Concord Baptist where he also served as a Clerk and Deacon. His grandfather, James Whitsett was currently the pastor of Concord Baptist. Following in his grandfather's footsteps, William became licensed to preach by Concord in 1843 while in the following year he was ordained to pastor of Concord Baptist.

Rev. Whitsett served the historic Concord church for twenty years. During his time many revivals were led and much fruit was produced in the congregation.

William Whitsett gave much of his time to Concord Baptist and was committed to helping others. He desired to further the Lord's kingdom.

In a closing paragraph of the minutes of Concord Baptist, it is written, "At the close of the meeting we witnessed a solemn seen at the water where we saw Brother Wm. Anthony Whitsett immerse ten apparently happy and interesing young persons. We feel that the Lord has especially blessed the Camp holders in the conversion of their children."

Rev. Whitsett's dedication to the work of God is shown through a journal entry dated July 25, 1882, a few months before he passed away.

"This is my birthday: I am now sixty-six years old. O Lord, I pray that my last days may be the most useful and holy days. Almighty Father grant, I pray, that I may accomplish more for my blessed Redeemer during the next year than I have ever done in any one year before. Grant me these requests, for I ask in the name of Jesus my Saviour."

Rev. Whitsett died in peace in his home on January 28, 1883.

(For more information on the Whitsett family, refer back to the blog post titled, "Historic Concord Church: A missions plant of Mill Creek Baptist Church")

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