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Concord Baptist Church Members 1800s-1900s

Do you have any relatives that were apart of the Historic Concord church's congregation? Here are some of the members, categorized by the decade that they joined the church in. If you have realtives that have been listed here, we would love to hear from you! If you see a last name but aren't sure if it's your family, contact us because we have all the first names available as well!

Any stories, pictures, side notes... send them all our way!

1804-Charter Members

Anthony Cochran

Compton Hunter

Jones Lovett

McConico Morton

Norton Orton

Pearce Rankin

White Winstead

Wisener Whitsett


Alford Allly Ashley

Balden Baldrich Baldridge

Barnes Barns Beasly

Bell Berge Blackman

Briant Brooks Brown

Buchanan Burch Burge

Burgess Burk Bush

Butt Christman Condon

Cowan Crocker Davis

Dugger Dunn Dyer

Dyes Edmonson Ellis

Ezell Farrow Fisher

Fly Fowler Glimph

Golman Green Grooms

Guy Haley Halfacre

Hamleton Hamlett Hampton

Harrison Hartman Hewlet

Husden Jenkins Jerdon

Johnson Johnston Jordon

Jordan Legget Leonard

McMurray McMahan Manley

Marlin Mason Medley

Mitchell Montgumry Moor

Moppin Morton Mosley

Murry Nance Nancy

Owen Owin Paskett

Paul Peel Pey

Phillips Pollock Powell

Ridley Robartson Roller

Russel Russle Saunders

Scales Scott Sires Stancil

Stanfield Still Todd

Tombs Tucker Vaughn

Waldren Walter Wassen

Whaley Whitley Whitsett

Wilkins Williams Wisner


Alstone Ballieu Belou

Burge Campbell Charmicael

Cochran Cresy Elkins

Elliot Farrar Fields

Groomer Hamilton Hardeman

Heart Henderson January

McCowan Marbry Matilda

Moore Moseley Mullen

Noe Norman Oliver

Owen Page Rankin

Rives Sanford Vernon

Wright Yates Zachary






Anderson Ashley Baney

Barnes Bean Bess

Briley Burnett Butt

Canendy Caroline Castleman

Chambers Collier Dorsey

Edminson Fields Foster

Ford Goodrich Guthrie

Ham Hamer Hamlet

Harper Housden Housman

Howell Howsan Huze

Isaac Jackson James

Johnson Kidd Kimbro

Lane Lavender McAntless

McCantless Madlin Maxwell

McMahon Metz Milley

Modlin Murray Packson

Patterson Primm Rash

Sanders Seals Sealy

Slinkard Sloane Smith

Stewart Taylor Thompson

Towers Waller Warren



Arnell Baker Barnes

Barnett Bennett Bess

Bird Briley Burk

Burnett Carmichael Cason

Clay Coleman Colyer

Corbit Cothran Culbertson

Cunningham Drake Fitzhugh

Gardner Gevdrick Gilbert

Goodrick Goodrum Gray

Green Greer Griggs

Guy Haman Hamm

Hammer Hartman Heartman

Hill Honeycutt Hughes

Jinnett Kellow King

Little Luton McArthur

McCanless McMahan Medlin

Merit Meriweather Nolen

Panden Parish Pomroy

Powers Ragan Ray

Richards Russell Seale

Simpson Sloan Stamer

Suggs Terommas Thompson

Turbeville Vinson Walters

Ware Warnds Warters

West Whitamore Whittemore

Winstead Woods


Byrd Garrett

Goodrich Hill

Kimbrough Lee

Logan Thomas

Waters Watson

Mid-Late 1900's

Aanes Andrews Arnold

Baker Boulton Boyd

Burks Cartwright Cecil

Clem Clemons Cook

Cooper Fly Goodwin

Hamlett Hoskins Johnson

Jones King Kish

O'Brien McConnell Oden

Park Parker Puckett

Rader Rash Ray

Ross Sewell Shannon

Smith Stephens Sullivan

Tucker Waller Wilson


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