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  • Historic Site plans to come back to the community

Aiming towards Renovation in 2017

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

This historic four acres site is planning a beautiful make over!

Charming as always the Historic Concord Church has plans for another 200 years!

Heirloom gardens, walking trails, conifer gardens, an arboretum, a healing garden, a wildlife sanctuary and many other things to welcome back the community both young and old, the way it used to be. Do you remember?

This old structure is a live witness of the importance of history, the stories of the families of the past, the prideful heritage of the community, the resilience of a people that have made this city what it is today. Still standing it is witness to welcome newcomers, tell them of the way we were so that they too can continue the legacy towards the future.

Join us being a part of the wonderful restoration. Sponsor a garden, or perhaps your family has a rose bush handed down from a family heirloom garden and can share a clipping. Bring a family picture to add to the historic exhibit inside the building. Do you or your family have a picture of the historic antebellum bridge that stood over mill creek? Two columns are still standing after it was taken down for protection against the enemies during the civil war.

Draft Site Plan

The church is nested in the last corner of Davidson County at the crossroad of Nolensville Pike and Concord Road. Mill Creek runs behind the Building. The old trees planted by the creek serve a natural canopy backdrop to the old historic church building . A perfect location for natural tranquil recreation. The triangle shape of the property will allow a 1 mile walking trail looping around the property limits.

The indoors have abundant space for group gatherings, classes, group educational programs and community events. This historic site will have unique indoor and outdoor spaces for everyone. Your involvement and support will contribute to make this restoration a beautiful and special place for our community to enjoy. All ideas are welcomed, contact us at:

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